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Meet Rules & Regulations

The following information is a basic rundown of swim meet terms and requirements for every team in the Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League.

One length of the pool = 25 yards or 25 meters depending on the pool

6 and under swimmers will swim only the freestyle and/or freestyle relay for 1 length of the pool.

7/8s and 9/10s will swim 1 length of the pool in no more than 2 individual events and 2 relay events.

11/12s, 13/14s and open swimmers will swim 2 lengths of the pool in individual events or 4 lengths of the pool in the individual medley relay. Each swimmer may swim no more than 3 individual events and 2 relay events.

Swimmers will be disqualified for violating league rules, including the following:

*Use of the lane rope or pool bottom to enhance forward progress.

*After a second false start in the same event.

*Early take off in a relay event.

*Violation of a stroke rule.

Disqualification in a heat will result in the swimmer not receiving points or awards. However, the swimmer will receive a purple ribbon for participation.

A swimmer’s age for competition is determined by his/her age as of May 31st. A swimmer may not compete if he/she has reached their 19th birthday as of May 31st of the current year.

Age 6 and unders may swim with the 7/8 age group. All others must swim with their respective age group, except in the Open relays where up to two 13/14 age swimmers may move up to compete. See league rules for additional conditions.

Swimmers 10 and under can only swim in up to 2 individual events – there is a 100 point penalty if this rule is broken.

In order to participate in the prelims and finals, a swimmer must participate in 2 league swim meets.

Home team swims in the even numbered lanes while the visiting team swims in the odd numbered lanes.

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