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We are so happy you decided to be part of our energetic and close knit community. As a new family to our team, we completely understand how things can get a little confusing. Our season is very short, and because of that, things move very quickly. 

The Board prides itself on the strong sense of family and community we have! WE LEAVE NO STINGRAY BEHIND!! Please know that every single one of us serve you to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed and your swimmer makes some of the best summertime memories EVER! Every single Board Member has sight to our Board Email , so feel free to reach out there or send us a message below.  

Our website is your best friend!! We encourage you to click around and find a variety of "Need to Knows" and Updates throughout the Season. Every tab has several drop down selections with tons of information to make this season sucessful for everyone!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Our Stingray Family is one of a kind. You simply won't find another team like us! 

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1.  Practice is EVERY WEEKDAY except on Tuesdays after meets. Practice is a determining factor in race heating decisions, so make sure swimmers are at practice as often as they are able!

2.  Meets are LONG, even on a good night! Just a few reminders:

  • Swimmers must stay with their age group during the meet so they’ll be ready for their races – no wandering off!
  • Bring plenty of things to keep swimmers entertained between events (games, books, etc.)
  • PLEASE PUT NAMES ON EVERYTHING! (even little game cartridges, etc.)
  • Bring something for them to sit on in their tent (extra towel, cooler, chair, etc.).
  • Bring sunscreen and/or bug spray – but do not put it on until after the Team Parent has marked the swimmer’s arm. Sunscreen makes it impossible to write on the skin with the marker.
  • Bring plenty of nutritious food and drinks. Junk food does not make fast swimmers!
  • For more information about meets, please visit our MEET INFO tab on our website.

3.  A CONCESSION STAND is open during home meets, and usually at away meets as well. They generally have dinner (hamburgers, pizza, etc.) for sale at the meet – consider feeding the family at the meet. 100% of all concession stand proceeds go towards getting new equipment for your swimmer!

4.  Please arrive at meets ON TIME! There is usually a lot of work that needs to be done before the meet starts to prepare the swimmers for their events (marking their events, warm-ups, etc.).

5.  PARKING can be tough. Arrive early if possible, carpool if you can. Our pool, as well as our opponents’, tend to have limited parking availability. Please do not park where a NO PARKING sign is posted. Signs are up for a reason, sometimes to keep you from being towed.

6.  It is FUN to VOLUNTEER! Even if you haven’t volunteered for much yet, there is always a need for more helpers. Please see our VOLUNTEER tab for information about volunteering. Unless you paid out of volunteering during registration, ALL parents are required to volunteer during meets.

7.  The Meet of Champions (MOC) is NOT just for the elite swimmers! In fact, everyone is needed. Every single relay team can earn points for the team at the MOC. We celebrate every swimmer’s improvement over the season, even if you swimmer is not the fastest. Look for more information about the MOC as the season draws to a close.

8.  Utilize our CWST resources! Our website  is a VITAL resource for our parents. There is a TON of information on our website for parents to read through. Also, please download the Swimtopia App to stay up to date with any and all changes/announcements. There’s also a Facebook group to help keep you informed. And finally, please read your weekly emails for important information!

9.  HAVE LOTS OF FUN! Our season is short and fast. Do not forget to stop and enjoy these amazing summer memories 😊 


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2024 CWST Sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for their generosity by supporting our team for the 2024 season!

Want to sponsor the Covington Woods Swim Team? View our available Sponsorship Opportunities HERE! (INCLUDING PURCHASING ONLINE) -or- Email CWST Board, for more details!

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